Transforming the Indoor Environment.

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Synergistic Solutions that transform the indoor environment

H3 promotes a synergistic systems approach that optimizes occupant health and comfort. Building science and sustainability are at the core of what we do. We consider the home as a system comprised of subsystems. This allows us to optimize the performance of each and every system. The result is an extremely comfortable, quiet and efficient space filled with fresh, filtered air.

A truly healthy home must address moisture management, chemicals in building materials, furnishings, carpet, etc. By constantly providing fresh filtered air while exhausting stale air, we further enhance indoor air quality to provide a regenerative environment for all occupants, pets and furnishings.

Our mission is to transform
the indoor experience.

Solutions that transform the indoor environment.

H3 provides a sustainable, systems-based approach to building science that optimizes the health and comfort of the occupants. Our methods create tight, energy efficient homes with a focus on enhanced indoor air quality. We consider how the systems interrelate to ensure that they perform in a synergistic fashion. This further improves performance and minimizes the energy required to operate these systems. Our mission is to transform the indoor experience by creating a regenerative environment for our clients. A healthy home addresses the leaky air, moisture accumulation, chemicals in building materials as well as furniture and carpets that collect dust pollen and dander. With our expertise and system based solutions, H3 is here to help you design a plan that will help identify and address potential health issues within your living environment.