At H3, the first thing we consider is you, the occupant. Happiness and quality of life are directly correlated to health and comfort. Our goal is to help you create your dream.

H3 was developed by Bill Hayward. After living in a home that was detrimental to the health of his family, he became dedicated to seeking solutions that could transform the way we build homes. This new methodology is focused on occupant health and comfort. Our staff regularly consults with architects, engineers and industry professionals to provide technical support and field assistance in both design and installation phases. Systems include: Envelope solutions, HRV/ERV to efficiently optimize indoor air quality, radiant conditioning and dynamic glazing.

Every great recipe starts with the right ingredients

Our products transform the indoor experience by optimizing personal comfort within the home but also help to address elements such as moisture management, air sealing, humidity control, and ventilation that can make the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy home. A truly healthy home creates an environment that is literally healthy for the home as well as the occupants. Long term durability is a product of a stable and optimized environment.

How important is a healthy home?

Way back in 1989, a special legislative committee on indoor air pollution in Massachusetts found indoor air pollution accounts for up to 50 percent of all illnesses. Today, the EPA considers indoor air quality among the top five risks to public health, noting that Americans typically spend about 90% of their time indoors where the environment can be six times more polluted than outside.

The Team

Bill Hayward

CEO and Founder

Bill Hayward is the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Hayward, a 95-year-old California lumber and building material supplier and has recently assumed the role of Chief Innovations Officer of H3, a subsidiary focused on cutting-edge products that transform the indoor environment. For the past several years, he has been focused combining building science and medical science into a compelling strategy to transform home construction so that homes will no longer degrade human health. To this end, he’s launched Hayward Healthy Home, which provides resources and practices for healthy home construction and Hayward Score, an innovative web-based tool that allows homeowners to assess the health of their home and gives them practical actions to make improvements.

Brian Larkowski

General Manager

Brian Larkowski has a well-rounded background in construction and building science. He is dedicated to improving construction techniques by promoting a synergistic, systems-based approach with a goal of sustainable structures that optimize the health and comfort of the occupant.

Brian has over 30 years of construction experience. He’s a licensed contractor, building envelope specialist and a voting member of ASTM where he collaborates on the development of international building standards. He is also the published author of a weatherization text book. Brian manages the H3 program and provides both field support and technical assistance.

David Green

Zehnder Sales Manager / Southwest U.S.

David Green is a licensed General and HVAC contractor and holds multiple certifications including LEED and BPI Building Analyst. David specializes in creating healthy, comfortable and energy efficient residential environments for his clients. Using a systems-based approach he evaluates the challenges presented by each unique project.

David’s professional emphasis has always been to optimize the indoor environment. David has achieved this commitment through his continued dedication to building science education, rigorous attention to detail and a genuine interest in the performance of every project he works on.