Thermal storage AC for medium to large sized homes.

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Think of Ice-Bear as a piggy bank for frozen energy. The electric company might charge 12 cents/KWH power at night but 60 cents/KWH in day time. This means you can make ice at night, (saving 80% of your money) and use the energy for air-conditioning during mid-day. Once the ice is melted, the cycle starts over again the next night.

The reason for this is that so many people are feeding energy from solar back into the grid that is already overloaded. This means that storing your own energy is the answer to more renewable power that is predicated upon wind, solar or other sources. You make it when you can and store the energy for short term use, such as later in the day or night. This is the future. Electrical storage in things like Tesla Power wall and thermal storage in devices that store heat and/or cold energy.

Smarter AC Now Available

Introducing the Ice Bear 20 Thermal Storage Air Conditioner — the AC that frees homeowners from the tyranny of the power company’s time-of-use pricing and constant rate hikes. Intelligent thermal storage technology automatically adjusts your electricity use so you get the lowest rate possible.

How Thermal Storage Works

The Ice Bear 20 stores electrical energy in the form of ice when electric prices are low or when Solar Photovoltaics are producing electricity. Then it uses the stored energy to cool the home when the price of energy is high to lower energy costs and improve building efficiency. All while reducing utility peak capacity on the grid.
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