Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

Suntuitive dynamic glass is activated by heat from the sun’s rays. The glass stays clear when it is not in direct sunlight and it tints when the sun hits it. This blocks unwanted solar heat gain while providing visual and thermal comfort.

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Due to the fact that Suntuitive self-tints under direct sunlight, glare from too much light is mitigated. What this means for you is being able to enjoy views outside instead of having to use blinds whenever the sun comes out.
Daylighting and the connection with the outdoors are truly maximized throughout the day.
Your furnishings and interior finishes will love Suntuitive as it blocks UV light to prevent fading.

How It Works

The technique behind it is as simple as it is elegant: within the glass construction there is a layer that tints as the sunlight warms it up, enhancing the home’s performance and occupant comfort.


Performance Under Pressure

The glass really performs well in contemporary design as well as multi-family structures. With new advances in air sealing and insulation, solar heat gain is typically the driving force behind elevated energy usage. In some cases, the cost of the glass is offset by reductions in equipment required to manage heat gain and condition the living space.
Suntuitive glazing can be integrated within standard window frames and is installed like conventional glass without the need to alter the window frames or install controls and wires. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass comes with all the native intelligence needed.
Please contact Brian Larkowski for any questions or referral to approved window manufacturers.