Did you know that fresh air is an innovation in building?

Zehnder HRV and ERV fresh air systems provide a constant supply of fresh air into indoor spaces. Fresh air is fed into the system via an external wall vent. The heat recovery ventilation device recovers up to 90% of the energy of the extract air to warm the incoming fresh air, saving on heating costs. The air distribution system then channels the optimally tempered fresh air to individual rooms as needed based upon engineered layouts provided during the design phase.

The air volume can be adjusted individually for each room

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) poor indoor air quality is among the top global environmental health risks. Proper Ventilation is one of the most important considerations for improving indoor air quality. A high quality ventilation system such as an ERV or HRV from Zehnder can help to ensure that air quality is optimized by continuously removing stale indoor air and replacing it with fresh, filtered air from outdoors.

On average, we spend about 70-90% of our time inside. Therefore, our indoor environment is very important to both our health and our sense of well-being.

Zehnder systems provide good air quality through continuous extraction of moist, stale air from bathrooms and kitchens and a continuous supply of clean, tempered air to habitable rooms. Low velocity air supply ensures that fresh, clean air does not create drafts around the home. Zehnder ventilation units come with filters that effectively keep out dust, pollutants and insects so allergy sufferers can breathe with ease. For sensitive occupants, higher filtration is available.

Imagine all of the air in your home being exchanged 8 times per day whether you were home or not. You return from an extended vacation and the house is a fresh as the day you left.

Improving and retaining the value of your home

The installation of a Zehnder system offers a tangible investment in the future value of your home. Our products will help prevent degradation of building materials due to mold and mildew formation as well as reducing heating and ventilation costs. Our technologies will ensure that the property is upgraded to tomorrow’s standards, today.

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Zehnder ComfoAir 70

The Zehnder ComfoAir 70 is a decentralized comfort ventilation unit with heat and moisture recovery in synchronous supply and exhaust operation. It is used particularly in renovation of apartments, but also in residential new construction projects.

Comfosystems Systems with heat recovery for a comfortable indoor climate